Viska is a Minneapolis-based company. We make each backpack and accessory with care and respect for time-tested and durable design. We also value innovation and creativity, and look for practical ways to make our mark on each item we produce.

We LOVE the materials that go into our products, and are happy to provide additional info about any material you'd like. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Waxed Canvas - Some of our bags feature cotton duck canvas saturated with Martexin Original Wax. From its origins as a mariner's sailcloth and rainslicker of choice, it remained a consistent favorite of outdoor manufacturers and enthusiasts until a flood of synthetic materials appeared in the 1970s. We love waxed canvas for the wonderful patina it gains with time and use. Our canvas is dyed and finished by Martin Corporation, an American manufacturer since 1838. 
  • Veg Tan Leather - This durable leather is tanned with tree bark and other plants. It is known for it's firmness and resilience. 
  • Copper rivets - These rustproof fasteners are known for their strength and durability. Plus they look cool. 

Designer / Artisan


Viska packs are designed and manufactured by Ashley Duke of Minneapolis, MN. Ashley has over six years experience working with textiles, and has designed and produced purses, coats, backpacks and many other items. She has a passion for adapting functional, clean designs to suit a new era of young adventurers. Her inspiration to make backpacks comes from many bike rides and evenings of wandering. 


Lifetime Warranty

We are proud of our work and are happy to offer a lifetime warranty on our products. This warranty covers all craftsmanship and hardware we use to make each item. Craftsmanship refers to sewing, riveting and other assembly. Hardware refers to buckles, D-rings, snaps, zippers and any other parts utilized in construction. If at anytime during the life of your Viska product you have an issue with craftsmanship or hardware, return the product and it will be repaired free of charge.

Your Viska product is made to be your companion for life. However, Viska is not responsible for wear and tear or misuse of your product, which are not covered by this warranty. 

Send your item in need of repair to:
Viska Repairs
4321 15th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Please include a note with the specifics of your needed repair, as well as your contact information (phone number, email address, etc).