Made by hand in a small workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our handmade goods are constructed from materials with a light carbon footprint, and we source from companies that are ethically grounded. We donate 5% of every sale to support environmental protection groups. 

December-April we will be donating 10% of all profits to Minnesota’s Environmental Initiative, a non-profit that builds partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems. For more information please visit:

Explore with Afton

Afton backpack in Terra Cotta Orange. Photo by Amy Black. 

Afton backpack in Terra Cotta Orange. Photo by Amy Black. 

Calling all day-trippers! All sidewalk-crack-avoiders! Seekers and snappers of stunning scenery! Under-breath-song-hummers! We've made a backpack just for you. 

Afton, Minnesota is a small town roughly 20 miles from St. Paul, but culturally it could not be farther from the Twin Cities. With under 3,000 permanent residents, it is profoundly quiet and calm almost the year round. Afton has become a prime day trip destination for city dwellers craving a slower afternoon.

Afton State Park differs from many other parks in that there is no vehicle access to camping or beaches. The park welcomes you, it invites you, it begs you: don't just drive through. Don't throw yourself at the whims of convenience. Take your time, take a walk, savor it. Replace that blurring green of the outside world rushing by - replace it with individual trees, an oak here, an aspen there, a cherry, a birch. Try to spot deer feeding near the water. Cross the glacial moraine. Wander the blufflands. Listen for birds. 

"Afton State Park" - C. Edward Moran

"Afton State Park" - C. Edward Moran

It's in this spirit that we present our Afton backpack. With a shell of unwaxed cotton #8 duck canvas, it is lighter than its closest Viska relative, the Fora. A sensible interior holds your books, pens and pencils, sweater, and snacks; the roll-top offers you the option to change your plans and pack in a bit extra as you go. A single leather strap secures the pack closed, keeping your treasure close at hand. Two flat side pockets keep your phone, keys or a small notebook right at your fingertips. 

Afton backpack in Indigo Blue.

Afton backpack in Indigo Blue.

The Afton backpack is available in our shop now. We hope you enjoy this new addition, and that it be a loyal companion on your adventures, whatever they may be. 


-James and Ashley


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