Made by hand in a small workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our handmade goods are constructed from materials with a light carbon footprint, and we source from companies that are ethically grounded. We donate 5% of every sale to support environmental protection groups. 

May-September we'll be donating to Fresh Energy,  a Minnesota local non profit. They focus on helping the Minnesota region with efficient, cost-effective, and inclusive energy programming.

Hello, world.

Here we are! After many months of preparation, design, cutting, sewing, riveting, and dreaming, we have launched our new website, featuring our premier collection of Viska backpacks. 

As the final push to finish the site drew near, our minds were flooded with new ideas.  Funny how that works sometimes; when we are at our busiest, inspiration strikes.  Ambitions are high for this year and we can't wait to see how Viska grows. 

Blog-wise, expect posts about traveling and packing, tales from our customers about how they depend on their Viska gear, collaborations with other local and regional makers, sessions with musicians, projects with visual artists, and much more.

We can't wait to hang out with you.  Like, literally hang onto your back.  Is that weird?

viska logo label.png

Little Spring Shoots, Emerging Soon