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Artist Spotlight: Big Monster

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If you're following us, you've seen plenty of this guy. He's Tony Hommes of Minneapolis, and although he's one of our favorite models, he's not just a pretty face. Tony's musical project Big Monster consistently delivers memorably fun pop music. You might hear bouncing synths or calm piano, strummed acoustics or crunchy leads, bit-crushed drum machines or booming toms, all in the same song. Dynamic vocals waver, whisper, tease, and always contain signature Big Monster attitude. 

Ever prolific, Big Monster found time between recording and releasing two EPs to record music for Viska to use in future promo videos. We love it so much we want to share it with you right away. Snag a free download below and read on as we get to know Big Monster a bit better. 

Why did you start playing music?

"I've been singing since before my memory reaches. I was one of those kids that's too creative for their own good - it leads to dark places children should not go. Music is the only thing that fufilled all my outlets. I love writing, playing, designing artwork, every part of it. It's the only art form where you can cover all those grounds. They say music is the only human activity that stimulates every part of your brain. I enjoy that. It's also probably the healthiest way to express those emotions that really would just be psychotic on their own."

Who are your favorite musicians?

"It would take days to list all my favorite artists. I have separate categories like singers, guitar players, songwriters, DJs, rappers, producers...if there was a gun to my head, Cat Power would be my ultimate favorite. "Big Monster" actually came from a line in her song "Back of Your Mind." Shortlist winners include Sam Cooke, Bjork, Van Morrison, Lykke Li, Diplo, Al Green, the Stones, Billie Holiday...I could go on for hours."

What are a few of your favorite albums?

"My standard for amazing albums is when you don't want to skip any of the tracks. Cat Power - You Are Free, Otis Redding - Otis Blue, Van Morrison - Moondance, Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous, Fatboy Slim - Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars, Bjork - Homogenic...I'm glad this wasn't the desert island question cause I would go crazy with only one album."

What are your favorite things to do in Minneapolis?

"I love dancing, so I go to techno shows a lot (although techno music is no longer actual techno). My friend MCs drum and bass nights at the Record Room, those are always fun. I haven't lived in Minneapolis for the past 5 years, so I'm discovering lots of new places that have popped up. I like to walk around downtown by myself. Everybody else's frantic chaos reminds me it could be much more hectic in my head than it is."

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