Organic Cotton 

“Our founding dates back to a 5th generation family cotton farm in the Northwest Texas county of Lubbock.

In 1991, this farm became one of the first certified organic farms in the country. Despite this achievement of bringing back pesticide­ free organic cotton to the US, almost all of the fiber from the early organic farms was bought by large corporations, and blended with conventional cotton. These companies were able to meet their “green goals”, but it left small businesses who wanted to commit to 100% organic cotton products empty handed.

As a result, Organic Cotton Plus became a sister company of the farm­ used to set aside organic cotton bales to create 100% certified fabrics for individuals and small businesses. We shipped these bales to be contract-spun into yarn, then woven into fabric, and finished with just a natural scour wash. We ended up with beautiful 100% organic fabric ready to ship to all the small businesses and individuals that needed it.

Today, through production both in the US and overseas, we have increased our line of fabrics to include knits, eco­ dyed fabrics, notions, and much more. In addition, we became the first fabric retailer in the U.S. to be fully GOTS-certified­ right through packing in our warehouse.” -Organic Cotton Plus


“The Beez Kneez is a Minneapolis based social enterprise working to Revive the Hive for Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives. We manage 150 hives using sustainable beekeeping practices, bicycle-powered honey production and delivery. We run the first ever community pedal-powered extraction facility and beekeeping equipment shop at the Beez Kneez Honey House. We educate beekeepers via Camp Beez Kneez and the public through our advocacy campaign.” -The Beez Knees Delivery


Buckles, Paracord, Cordlocks 

The petroleum-based products we use are long lasting, and will be recycled or re-purposed at the end of the bags life. Our goal as a company is to create beautiful, timeless pieces that can be handed down for generations, with an aim to not compromise our beautiful mother earth as we do so, but honor her. We strive to always do our best, even when that means to admit we are wrong. Most of the materials we use in our products are organic, and we also source from companies that pay their employees a fair wage and abide by ethical labor practices.

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The Earth sits below me and I am its flower, reaching for the sun and the rain. Ears holding still, petals lifting with the moving oxygen. Atop my pistil sits a foraging friend, the honeybee, rich in yellow, with a buzz so persistent it tickles. The nectar and pollen he carries away stick to her hairs and will be the reason we continue  to have access to an abundance of edible plant life.