Organic Cotton 

We proudly make our pieces from Organic Cotton, a healthy choice for us and our planet. Unlike conventional cotton it sustains the health of the soil, ecosystems, and people by using natural processes instead of artificial ones. Organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals or GMO’s, and uses 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton to produce. It keeps farmers and their families safe from harmful chemical exposure. It uses less water to grow, and a higher percentage is rain fed, reducing the reliance on local (and usually limited) water supplies.


Our products are generously coated with beeswax to give them a delightful patina, and to make them water resistant. We source this beeswax from Ames Farm, a local beekeeper out of Delano, Minnesota, 40 minutes outside of Minneapolis.


Buckles, Paracord, Cordlocks 

Our products contain some plastic. Although this is not ideal, we pledge to continuously strive to seek out the best materials possible. We have a lifetime warranty on our products, and encourage our customers to send their bags back to us so we can repair, or deconstruct to recycle and reuse. Our goal as a company is to create beautiful, timeless pieces that can be handed down for generations, with an aim to not compromise our beautiful mother earth as we do so. We commit to always do our best even when that means admitting we are wrong.

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The Earth sits below me and I am its flower, reaching for the sun and the rain. Ears holding still, petals lifting with the moving oxygen. Atop my pistil sits a foraging friend, the honeybee, rich in yellow, with a buzz so persistent it tickles. The nectar and pollen he carries away stick to her hairs and will be the reason we continue  to have access to an abundance of edible plant life.