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Travelogue - Lille, France

Amy and her Fora backpack in front of a French school building.

Amy and her Fora backpack in front of a French school building.

We're all about a good adventure. Recently our photographer friend Amy Black went on a short holiday to Lille, France to visit her sister and get a taste of European life. Her travels took her from Denmark to Brussels to Lille to Stockholm and back again. In her Fora backpack, she carried a journal and a few of her favorite cameras, with plenty of room left to add new treasures. 

Amy's sister Sarah models the Fora backpack

Amy's sister Sarah models the Fora backpack

While abroad, she enjoyed wandering the many open air markets she came across. Her favorite nearby in Lille offered all sorts of delicious treats, from fresh fruit to gaufre (waffles) to whole roasted chickens, as well as clothes and other small trinkets.

viska fora pack amy black sarah
Welsh beer cheese soup. Photo by @banjo_babe

Welsh beer cheese soup. Photo by @banjo_babe

Amy's favorite dish from her travels is a common northern French dish called a Welsh Rarebit. This is a beer cheese soup served over a slice of bread and topped with a fried egg. It is also commonly served with French fries. 

Now stateside once more, Amy misses the abundance of patisseries, small bakeries that specialize in pastries and sweets. 

To see more photos by Amy, check out and follow @appleseedamy on Instagram. Also take a peek at her awesome watercolor webcomic at


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