Made by hand in a small workshop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Our handmade goods are constructed from materials with a light carbon footprint, and we source from companies that are ethically grounded. We donate 5% of every sale to support environmental protection groups. 

December-April we will be donating 10% of all profits to Minnesota’s Environmental Initiative, a non-profit that builds partnerships to develop collaborative solutions to Minnesota’s environmental problems. For more information please visit:

Waxed Canvas in Charcoal, Navy, Black and Brown!

Waxed canvas shells are available in Navy, Charcoal, Brown and Black. 

Waxed canvas shells are available in Navy, Charcoal, Brown and Black. 

If you've been following us recently, you've likely seen plenty of our updated Fora and Crew packs. We're really proud of the new designs and the feedback we've received has been awesome. Specifically, many people have commented on the new colors of the waxed canvas outer shells. 

Since every Viska backpack is made to order just for you, we can make your pack in any color we can source. So why Black, Brown, Charcoal and Navy? 

Canvas Quality
The weight of the canvas and the quality of the wax are important choices that make Viska stand out from the competition. We purchase all of the waxed canvas that goes into your pack from a reliable, high-quality supplier in the USA. We've determined the exact weight and wax needed to make our packs, and we can source it in these colors. 

Since these are on the darker side, they will display a patina with age more clearly than lighter colors. We see this as a feature. Your Viska backpack becomes a personalized work of art that organically emerges from you and the way you move. Each crease becomes as intimately "you" as the secrets written on your palms, or the smile lines on your face. 

Whatever you are doing, wherever you're going, whatever styles you are wearing, we want your backpack to fit right in. Solid, yet understated, these colors literally "have your back" when you're picking that outfit, whether you're hitting the backwoods trail or your 8 am lecture. 

So how will you rock yours? If you're proud of your patina or want to show off how you've filled your pack for the day, get at us on Facebook, Twitter or our favorite, Instagram! 


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